Tablet coating machine (coating by Accela Coating)

On request, the tablet coating machines of Namdar Industrial Co are in various capacities (5 to 350 kg), dimensions and types produced and offered in many versions. The offers are based on the customer requirements, from fully automatic to manual operation.

The equipment depends on the desired version:
1) Ventilation with the Baxfilter three phases of HEPA filtration and 99.9% removal   
2) Separable one-way channel.
3) Visible control facilities of ventilation and ventilation as well as pressure,
      temperature and power supply.
4) Welds in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
5) Boiler with standard stainless steel screens
6) HMI (Human Machine Interface) control systems


Accela Coating

Accela Coating is the primary technique for coating tablets with thin polymeric substances. The tablets are introduced in a certain amount (depending on the capacity of the machine) into the rotating machine boiler. The coating agent is sprayed through nozzle(s) on the undamaged tablets.
Other Coatings to order are: Electrostatic coating (drying); Magnetic coating (printing); Powder coating.

There are various coating agents, which consist of sugar or of binders, plasticizers, dyes and cellulose based.
•    The coating is carried out depending on the desired effect of the drug in the stomach and should cover bitter taste.
•    Preserve agents against chemical and physical influences
•    Protect the drug from stomach acid.

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